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Why not complete your picnic set with a compact flat packed personalised picnic table?


Made from quality 9mm birch plywood, your picnic table is easily stored in your backpack along with your other picnic items, ready for assembly on arrival at your desired location. Why not make it extra special with free personalisation.


The table comes in 4 pieces, 2 leg sections and 2 top table sections.


These are interchangable so you can select any 2 halves, which makes it suitable for use no matter what you wish to drink.


Options are as follows:

1. Both halves - stems; bottle centre

2. Both halves - tumblers; bottle centre

3. 1 half - stem glasses; bottle 1 half tumbler bottle centre

4. Both halves - tumblers/cans/beer bottles & cans/bottles holder centre

5. Both halves - tumblers/cans/beer bottles no centre


The bottle space fits ordinary wine, champagne and prossecco bottles.


Dimensions in flat pack format - 380mmx150mmx36mm

Dimensions of assembled picnic table - 380mmx350mmx140mm

Personalised Flat Pack Picnic Table

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