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A unique way of documenting many of your baby's 'first times'. Remeber them alongside these extra special milestone discs.


A set of 14 wooden discs, with the following events written on them:

- I slept through the night

- I can hold my head up

- I rolled over on my own

- Today I smiled for the first time

- I had my first tantrum

- I started to crawl

- I started sucking my thumb

- I learned to clap

- I now sleep in a big bed

- I took my first steps

- I can feed myself

- I said my first word

- I had my first solids

- My first tooth came through

Baby Milestone 'First' Wooden Discs

  • We only use eco friendly products when packaging our items, to make sure we are doing our bit for the environment. Remember, all orders £50 and over qualify for free delivery in the UK!!

    As items are all made to order, we aim to get your purchase in the post to you within 3-5 days.

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